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Missing People Database About us

This database contains of pictures and descriptions for people of unknown identity that were submitted to ITAKA. You can use it to see if a missing person was revealed somewhere as NN. The database is also supervised by the Team for Searches and Identification of ITAKA every time there is a new submission of a missing person.

UWAGA: Pobieranie komunikatów o zaginięciu i publikacja wizerunków osób zaginionych przez dziennikarzy może się odbywać WYŁĄCZNIE za zgodą Fundacji ITAKA. Kontakt w sprawie publikacji:

Missing people database and NN was submitted to registration for the Generalny Inspektor Ochrony Danych Osobowych. Using the data for matters different then searching for missing people is forbidden. The owner of this database is ITAKA – Center for Missing People. Copying the data to any data storage media without ITAKA’s board of directors’ agreement is forbidden.