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ITAKA Foundation works with media in and outside Poland while searching for missing people. With journalists’ help we found hundreds of the missing and identified dozens people with unknown identity. Journalists co-operating with ITAKA often save human life. We are thankful for that.

Observing the effectiveness of media publications, we encourage to spread the images of missing people. 


How can we help you prepare the material?

-We provide expert’s commentary
-We share the statistics
-In particular cases we provide contact details to missing person’s family

Providing contact details to the family of a missing person is only possible with the family’s agreement. Simultaneously we expect you to include a photograph of the missing person in the material and not only the family’s statements. 

Continuous image publication

Numerous media co-operating with ITAKA publish images of missing people cyclically. We especially encourage this type of co-operation. 

How does it work?

-A journalist defines how much space and in what form he can allot for missing person’s image publication;
-We define the criteria for the publication, e.g. voivodeship, city of disappearance;
-We define how often, who and in what form will send the announcements regarding the disappearance.
-In case of finding a missing person we instantly transmit the information to the contact journalist in order to deleting the photograph


ITAKA Foundation does not comment particular cases of missing people. In every case we only provide the age, description, date of disappearance and a photograph to the public information. All other information can be provided by the family at their own risk.