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You most definitely have your reasons, for which your family members do not know where you are. You do have the right to your own choices and decisions. If you are an adult, you can instantly end the search at any time. All you need to do is contact the ITAKA Foundation (phone or email).

If you cannot or do not wish to contact your family, you can send them a message through us. Text or call, tell us your name, surname and if there is anything you would like your family to know.

To make sure we are talking to a missing person, we will ask you to answer a few identity-check questions. These are simple questions about some details from your life – e.g. your dog’s name, your schools name – provided by your family along with answers. Once you answer these questions we can be sure you are the person we’re looking for. According to your will, we will end the search and take the announcements off the media.

Contact us by sending the contact form or call the 24h help-line: +48 22 654 70 70

ITAKA Foundation will end the searches once the person who reported the disappearance tables that motion, when we get in touch with the missing person or after the police finishes the searching.

Ending the searches at ITAKA does not end the searches undertaken by the police.

To end a police search you must show up at any police station in the country and submit an appropriate form. If you wish to do that when abroad, you will have to sign a similar document in a polish consulate in the country you’re in. (Applies only to adults)

If you underline that you do not wish to contact your family and you are not a missing person, the police will not tell your family about your location. They will only inform your family that the search has ended due to your declaration. The rest of the information remains confidential.