Report a disappearance
+ 48 22 654 70 70

In case of a missing child
116 000

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Report a disappearance

Start searching immediately. Do not wait for the issue to solve itself. Instantly notify police and ITAKA.

REMEMBER: You do not have to wait 24h or 48h to report a disappearance to the police!

Report a disappearance to ITAKA

STEP 1: Fill in and send a form online to report a disappearance or call the  ITAKA Foundation help-line 801 24 70 70 or 22 654 70 70.

STEP 2: Fill in and print out a paper form (more information after filling in the online form) – download .

STEP 3: Send the form along with required documents to ITAKA (more information after filling in the online form).

Step 1 should be done as soon as possible, the remaining two you may do later, although remember that they are necessary for us to actively take care of the case. 

Should you have difficulties reporting the case – call the help-line: 801 24 70 70 or 22 654 70 70.